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Roasted Chicken

I guess we all agree that the sheer amount of different diets and nutrition advices nowadays can be overwhelming and let's be honest: confusing.

It seems difficult or maybe even impossible to decide which one to follow. And still the uncertainty remains: will it give me the results I am hoping to see? And will I be able to maintain these results?

It takes some first steps towards losing weight but maintaining the results is even harder. Your body is an amazing and clever machine and your metabolism can adapt to a large variety of situations.

Fresh Artichoke Pizza

As a qualified nutrition consultant I will help you understand the basics of how your body functions and how you can make a balanced nutrition your lifestyle without constantly depriving yourself on a diet.

Nutrition plans are one option to achieve your goal weight but I don't want you to blindly follow a plan. I want you to understand what is good for your body.

Once you will start understanding the background you will change your mindset which will make it so much easier for you to find a balance in nutrition which will help you lose weight and also to maintain your results.

Please remember: it is not that one treat meal that will make you overweight as well as it is not that one salad that will make you thin!

Gourmet Hamburger
Fresh Salad
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