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Have a closer look at the services I am offering and chose which one might be interesting for you.



Are you looking for an individual one on one training that is based on your needs and goals?

If so, my personal training allows us to work specifically on your goals and fitness.

We will have a first chat to define your needs and where you're starting from which allows me to set up your individual workouts.

​Working out in the privacy of my specific location or if you prefer so in your own premises at home is one of many advantages of the one on one training. No waiting on equipment, no distraction and no judging looks from strangers.

It's just you and your workout.

Fitness Workout


Do you like the idea of working out in a small group?

Great! Then bring your friends or colleagues and we will figure out a workout for you.

Whether you are looking for a calorie torching high intensity training to sweat it out together or whether you just want to losen your muscles with some mobility exercises during lunch break or after work, everything is possible.

Training in a group of friends or colleagues will hold you accountable and strengthens both body and mind.

I offer small group trainings for companies, that want to provide their employees the possibility of being active during their lunch break as well as for private groups.



Sitting in a chair all day long at work causes a lot of back pain problems and decreased shoulder mobility.

Specific mobility sessions can help reduce these issues. Stretching out the tight muscles as well as strengthening them is a great way to deal with it.

These sessions are ideal for companies that are willing to invest in their employees' health and well being at work. 30-45 minutes during lunch break will help decrease muscle tension and at the same time improve productivity by helping to reset the mental focus after the session.

           CORE STRENGTH


Our core is an essential part for most of our everyday movements. A strong core helps you with your posture and your moves in daily life.

It can help you balance when you are sitting in a chair all day long as well as it helps you to deal with abrupt or unforeseen moves. Core muscles are also needed in basically every fitness move: you want to do a proper squat? You need to use your core. You want to do an overhead press? You need your core as well. And the list goes on and on.

Specific core exercises will help you to strengthen the muscles and use them in your workouts and everyday life.



Knowing that some of you prefer working out at home, according to your own schedule, I am also offering remote coaching.

This means you will get 3 workouts per week directly via email to your mailbox.

The workouts include a warm up as well as some mobility moves and they will be individually created for you depending on your goals and your equipment available at home.

Depending on the package you are choosing, you can also get video calls and I will guide you through your workout and giving you an instant feedback and (if needed) the necessary modifications or corrections.

All this allows you to work out at home without having to adjust your schedule while still getting individual workouts.

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